FAQ for Thesis

How much time will it take for the procedure?

Initial screening, editing and publication of the thesis may take about 4-10 days. Also, the publishing process can be interrupted by any formatting issues that need revision after you upload documents.

Is there any deadline for thesis submission?

There is no any specific deadline. You may submit the thesis as per your convenience.

Who can have their thesis submitted?

IJASSH encourages the work of graduate/postgraduate students (Post Doctorate, PhD, M.A., M.Com) from all countries. IJASSH is willing to consider the work as long as the work is a Master's Thesis or PhD Dissertation / Thesis or Research Project Study.

I have some papers already published from my thesis. Can I get my thesis published?

They can be used as individual chapters if multiple papers from the dissertation, dissertation, or manuscript have been written. Conventional chapters of the thesis, dissertation, or manuscript can be merged in the thesis, dissertation, or manuscript with published articles. Published articles should be viewed as theses, dissertations, or manuscripts in the press.

My thesis will be published with ISSN or ISBN?

Your thesis can be published either with ISSN or ISBN (any one)