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Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 001-006

An Investigation of Iraqi EFL University Learners’ Attitudes Towards Concordance

Abdullah Najim Abd Al Khanaifsawy

Using high-speed computers, it is now possible to use concordancers, which are recognized by educators as a potentially useful tool, as a means to develop vocabulary and understand...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 007-020

EFL Students’ Cultural Intelligence and Their Performance in Speaking Skill: A Correlational Study

Tareq Jawad Ramadhan Mohammad, Dr. Shoaib Saied Abdulfattah Al-Fahady

Effective command of speaking skill is essential. Mastery of speaking skill, however, is best polished by having a good level of cultural intelligence. Therefore, the present study...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 021-044

Current English Language Practice and Sustainable Development Goals in Cameroon

Moise Leopold Moumbeket Mefire

In this research work, the researcher sought to investigate the propensity to which the current practice of the English Language in Cameroon’s formal space could advance sustaina...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 045-060

The Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian War and the Corona Pandemic on the Food Security of the Arab World

Dr. Jaffar. B. AL-Dujaili

The concept of food security emerged in the 1970s during discussions about international food problems amid the global food crisis. During crises, food prices rise due to exporting...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 061-068

The Paradox of Co-Existence and Reunion in Cameroon: The Study of Bole Botake’s Family Saga

Meroline Engoro Kaka

This paper sets out to prove that co-existence subdues binary oppositions in Bole Butake’s Family Saga. The work is undertaken because, in a dynamic marked by the living together...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 069-075

The Pragmatics of Intercultural Mediation in Translation


This article looks at translation as a product of intercultural mediation. It explores possibilities of using pragmatic equivalence theory in situations where literal renderings be...

Research Article

Vol. 16, Jul-Dec 2023  Page no: 076-082

Video Modeling and Attention Deficit Disorder in Mild Autistic Children in a Classroom Situation: A Case Study


In this study, video modelling was used to teach different social skills and behaviours in a classroom situation three mild autistic children with attention deficit disorder in a c...