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Vol. 17 Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 001-012

Arcadia: A Drama of Chaos

Khalid Ahmad Yas

As a paradigm shift away from Newtonian determinism and a solution to thermodynamics pessimism, chaos theory presents a new perspective of a world that is both ordered and disorder...

Research Article

Vol. 17 Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 013-018

The Self Dimension in the Poem Fever

Najlaa Hussein Wannas

The research focused on the poem “The Fever”, which he wrote while he was in Egypt, after he suffered from a fever that left him bedridden. This text represents rich material f...

Research Article

Vol. 17 Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 019-030

Entrepreneurial Thinking Practices and Their Impact on Reducing Organizational Aging: An Analytical Survey in the Men's Clothing Factory in Al-Najaf A...

Basima Mohammed Bany

This study aims to explore the relationship between entrepreneurial thinking and its impact on reducing organizational aging. As organizations mature, they often face challenges as...

Research Article

Vol. 17 Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 31-39

Legal Methods for Recovering Smuggled Funds: A Comparative Study

Haider Hussein Na'ma Al-Jaafari, Ali Youssef Al-Shukri

In this research, we found that the Iraqi legislation does not have any specific laws or legal texts that are part of an effective law that controls the procedures for asset recove...

Research Article

Vol. 17 Jan-Jun 2024  Page no: 40-49

Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blanks Testing

Fatima Ali Hassan, Prof. Bushra Saadoon Alnoori

Multiple choice questions provide answer options for test-takers to choose from, while fill in the blanks questions require test-takers to recall and provide missing words or phras...